RHS17 Humidity Sensor
Highly reliable industrial sensors
N2000 Farming loT Gateway
Networking function of farming climate controller
L601 Wireless climate collection alarm
Phone SMS alarm for major events such as power failure andhigh temperature
Ai6000 Central Alarm Controller
Support 100 environmental controllers to collect alarm information
Water Meter
Optional caliber 20mm-65mm
220V Power Supply
4-20mA Sensor expansion module
used with the environment controller
CCM1000 window controller
220V or 24V power supply
iEC12 Plus Climate Controller Series
12 channel relays + 3 channel analog outputs
C0219 CO2 Sensor
Highly reliable sensor for industrial farming
iEC1680 Climate Controller Series
partition temperature control
iEC22 Plus Climate Controller Series
22 channel relays + 4 channel analog outputs
Feed line controller
Feed line controller
Cleaning Guard
touch+ button
Differential Pressure Sensor
Differential Pressure Sensor
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